Web01 - How The Internet Works

This video shows you how the internet interacts and the technologies and platforms used to make it happen.

Web02 - Creating a Local Site

You must start with creating a local site every time you open a file/folder in Dreamweaver.  This video shows you how to construct your fodler and link the folder to DW.

Web03 - Creating a webpage

Time to start creating a webpage.  This video shows you how to create a blank HTML file.


Web04 - Add and Format Text

Content for a page is easy to do, but making it look good can be a challenge.  Learn the ins and outs of headings and paragraph tags.

Web05 - Creating Lists

Structure for a website can be enhanced with unordered and ordered lists.  Learn how to create a <ul> along with its list items <li>.

Web06 - Add Images

A website looks best with good images.  How to insert an image and make it look good can be a challenge.  Here is a video that shows you how to insert and resize images.


Web07 - Float an Image

Images can look better when it is next to text or text wraps around the image.  Floating allows you to do this in a webpage.

Web08 - Create Structure

Web09 - Create a media query


Web10 - Planning a page

Web11 - Create a swap image

Web12 - Change size of image