Productivity Tips - Calendars and Tasks

Productivity Tips - Calendars and Tasks

I am a productivity and tech fanatic.  I have used every calendar and task management app.  Many have their own unique advantages, but at the end of the day I normally settle on what works specifically for me and what I will ACTUALLY use.  

Remember this advice for all apps that you use.  Only use an app for productivity if you actually use it.  That is the best advice I can give you.  If you enter a bunch of tasks into an app to track and then never look at it again, then all it will do is bring you anxiety.  

What is a calendar app vs. a task management app?

A calendar app allows you to keep track of actual appointments (class, church, dinner, etc.) and a task management app allows you to track work you need to get done (homework, email/call someone, clean your room, etc.).

Embedded in this blog are videos to help you get started with the use of online calendars and task management systems.  But, prior to watching the videos, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Calendars - Use an online calendar that can be viewed on all of your devices.  Google Calendar is very good for this and can be viewed on your iPhone or Android device quite easily.  
    •  Find a calendar app for your phone that you like to look at it.  Other perks include good integration with maps and Siri/dictation.  
  • Task Management - Use an app that makes it easy to capture a task and to process.  What does this mean?  When you think of something you need to get done, it should be easy to add to your app.  Then after the fact you can add a due date or notes.

So here are my top calendar and task management apps!

Calendar apps

Task Management apps