1. Introduction to Bootstrap

This video goes through an introduction into Bootstrap, how to get Bootstrap (getbootstrap.com) and other resources and information.

2. Creating a New Page with Bootstrap

This video shows you how to create a new html page in Dreamweaver using Bootstrap.

3. Bootstrap Columns and Rows

Trying to understand the concept of columns and rows in Bootstrap can be a challenge, here is a helpful tutorial.


4. Bootstrap - Creating a NavBar

Adding navigation is always important for a website. Bootstrap gives you a good opportunity to create your own Navigation Bar.

5. Bootstrap - Adding a style.css and creating and duplicating rules

If you want to make changes to colors, text, etc. you will need to create a new CSS file and then duplicate rules into that css file. This video shows you how to do that.

6. Bootstrap - Adding a Jumbotron

Adding a Jumbotron is quite easy and this video shows you exactly how to add a background image and edit the style of the button and text.


7. Bootstrap - Adding a Carousel

This video shows you how to add a carousel to a web page that is using Bootstrap, including adding additional mages, data points, and headings.

8. Bootstrap - Adding Responsive Images

How to add responsive images with a Bootstrap enabled webpage.  This includes inserting circular, rounded corners, and default images.

9. Bootstrap - CSS Transitions

Adding CSS transitions to allow items to change based on actions adds some real flare to a website.  For example, when you hover over an image you can have it grow or glow or become transparent.


10. Bootstrap - Creating Library Items

When you have repeatable assets in your website, like a navbar or footer, creating library helps you stay consistent.

11. Bootstrap - Snippets

This video shows you how to view, use, and create snippets.  Snippets allow you to create a piece of code that can be used anywhere in website.

12. Bootstrap - Creating a modal

A modal is a popup window that appears when you click a button.  This is great for forms or galleries.